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I Saw the Face of Jesus Today...

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

I went to Bath and Body Works in Conyers Monday evening and while I was there I saw the face of Jesus.

I was standing in line at the register, very few people there, and there was a black lady with her little boy behind me. This little boy was probably four years old or so and he was bundled up in his coat and sock hat. As I waited for the young lady to ring my items up this little boy walks up and stands right next to me. He was standing so close that he was just touching my side. I look down at him and I can’t help but smile. He stares at me in the eye for what seemed like the longest time. He never said a word. He just stared straight into my eyes. I was completely entranced at this overwhelming feeling of joy and love. I told him that he is a beautiful little man and he laid his head on my side as to embrace me. He still never said anything at all. I wrapped my arms around this precious little boy and he looked up and stared directly into my eyes again. He wrapped his arms around me as to finish the embrace and then bounced off never saying a word.

I have had this precious child on my mind since he embraced me Monday night. I can’t help but think that I was given the opportunity to see into the eyes of Jesus that night. You see, that little boy didn’t see me as a white lady, fat or skinny, tall or short, smart or dumb, democrat or republican. He didn’t know if I had made terrible mistakes in my life or if I had lived close to Jesus. He had no idea I love children and he had no reason to trust me. He simply looked at me as someone worthy of being loved no matter my race, my gender, what our differences were or if I even deserved it. This little boy was a perfect picture of the beauty, and grace, and love of Jesus. I don’t know who he was or who his parents are but I sure wish I did, because I would like to thank them for raising a beautiful child who shines with the light of Jesus, who accepts unconditionally, who gives grace so sweetly, and who loves so deeply.

There is so much we could learn from this child and other children if we could all take a step back and allow them to lead like Jesus asked them to. I truly believe there would be so much more love and happiness in this world today. I am certain I will see this precious boy at the feet of Jesus when I meet my maker one day. Until then- thank you to the sweet momma who is raising such a sweet, loving child.



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