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Detours, Interruptions, & Unanswered Prayers

As I read my devotion tonight I am so thankful for God’s detours, interruptions, and unanswered prayers. He always has a way of reminding us of what is best for us in such a merciful way. He is so much more qualified to make decisions for our lives than we are. We are limited by our human vision while God’s vision is impeccable. He sees what we will face tomorrow and we can’t even see what we will face in an hour. A few years ago I was devastated by something that happened at work and terrified of not being able to survive. God knew I needed time at home with my family and I was given the blessing of being home with my boy for his last year of high school- something I would have NEVER considered before. God has reminded me that I am more than a career or diploma hanging on the wall. I am more than the baseball games that I attend or the events that I volunteer for. I am more precious than rubies, I am called by name, I am the daughter of The King. His plan is bigger and better than any plan I could ever make. I have two trust that God puts detours in our way when we need redirecting. He interrupts our plans when we need a break. He leaves prayers unanswered purposefully because He has something else in store for us. Today I am grateful for God’s detours, interruptions, and unanswered prayers.


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