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Hi I'm Melissa! 

I am a Mother, a Wife, a Daughter, a Sister, and an Aunt. I am an Educator, EdTech Leader, a Creator, an Instructional Technology Innovator, a Life-long Learner. Most importantly, I am a Child of God. I am a very empathetic person and I have a love for people that sometimes makes me a little "emotional" :) I am very organized and my kids would call me "Type A".  I have an eye for potential and a passion for empowering and serving others. 


I fell in love at a very young age and married my high school sweetheart, Heath. I have now been married for 24 years and have two wonderful children, Wyatt is 21 and Gunner is 17. I love being the mom of 2 boys! I also have 4 furbabies- EllieMae, EmmieLou, AnnaBelle, JethroBrodie, and one monstrous kitty, Boots- that are all as spoiled as my boys. We all enjoy camping, visiting the mountains, and anything else we can do together. I have a large immediate family and we are all very close. Between my husband, Heath, and myself we have 8 parents, 6 sisters, 4 brothers, 3 brothers, 6 nieces, 4 nephews, and 3 great-nieces- all that live within 30 minutes of us. We all gather, celebrate holidays, and vacation together - it is as crazy as you imagine, but it is also wonderful. 


I have a passion for creating things from what others might find "past it's prime". I see the potential in things that most see nothing more than something that should be trashed or replaced. I love to make the old, new, and to create anything that inspires others. My passion for people and learning translates into education, leadership development, professional learning, DIY, and serving others in any capacity beautifully as it has helped me to be a great communicator and build relationships easily.


I have been beyond blessed in many ways during this crazy, wonderful life. I welcome you to my journey as I share, and hope you will too!




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